About Anna

Largely self-taught in the arts, with the exception of Penland metals courses with the unforgettable Enid Kaplan. Introduced then into work with titanium and acid etching, which became signature technique ever since. During one of American Craft Shows, invited to present work as well as demonstrate the technique of acid etching on the Lynette Jennings Discovery Channel show.

Accepted into graduate school in metals and sculpture based on a portfolio developed after taking the Penland courses.

Among the artists chosen to be featured in Guild.com anniversary publications: ‘Beautiful Things’ and ‘Object Lessons’.

Has done sculpture, site-specific installations, sterling silver serving pieces and other utensils, art jewelry, drawing.

In my art practice I specialise in making mostly one of a kind or limited edition sterling silver jewellery. My work tends to be three dimensional and interestingly textured. In order to achieve the desired textured effect,  I employ acid etching and reticulation, both of which are highly involved and advanced techniques.

I love the sculptural quality of rings and derive great satisfaction from designing these mini sculptures. Earrings are another example of my three dimensional work, movement being an extra quality added to their sculptural aspect.

Both the rings and brooches I design and execute tend to be quite sizeable, capable of making quite a statement. I also make ensembles, sets of matching jewellery pieces, e.g. necklaces and earrings. I offer sterling silver creations with oxidised or polished finish.